Little Missy – Smoked Black Lager

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Little Missy – Smoked Black Lager

On tap tomorrow – February 28th we have…

Little Missy

A smoked black lager. A Rauch Schwarzbier.

Medium bodied with soft roasted malt and chocolate notes hinting toward its dark side. Smokey phenols and moderate bitterness lend depth and balance to an otherwise light black brew. Finishes clean and smooooth. Quaffable AND delicious!

Vital Stats:

Gravity – 13.1 P/1.053
IBUs ~ 29
ABV – 5.3 %
Hops – Hallertau Tradition
Colour ~ 31 SRM
Malts – Pilsener, 2-row, Smoked (Rauch), Munich, Crystal 15, Black Prinz, Black Patent
Adjuncts – Roasted Barley