Our Beers

Our beers are handcrafted on-site by our Brewmaster Jake Saunders with all natural and local ingredients whenever possible, always bursting with flavour with a bias toward minimal processing. All of our brews are unfiltered and contain high levels of vitamin B complex, proteins and amino acids as well as trace minerals, a healthy drink when consumed in moderation.
Always fresh, always delicious. Bottoms up!


Big blonde bombshell lager. Grainy-sweet, rich, pilsner malt flavour. Warm & dry finish. The bock of spring. 7.2% ABV / 30 IBU

“Bulldog Brown”

English Brown Ale, roasted nutty flavours supported by a full body and light carbonation. Light floral hop notes,with a malty biscuit finish.
4.8% ABV 25 Ibu

” The Ominous” Russian Imperial Stout

Full bodied, viscous, and bittersweet. Complex blend of liquorice, dark chocolate, dried fruit, roast grains, and resinous hops. Lingering, warming finish. 11.0% ABV / 85 IBU                  7 oz $4.75 / 12 oz $7.75

Vienna Lager “Freudian Sip”

Old World amber lager, elegant German malt character, clean lager profile, with hints of toasty bread crust, and noble hops. Finish is dry and refreshing.
5.5% ABV 30 IBU

Bulwark Orignal Cider

“Deadwood” Wheat

American style Weizen. Light, bready notes, slightly tart finish. Easy drinking and refreshing. 15IBU 5% ABV

“Irish Red”

A deep red easy drinking Irish pint, slightly malty in balance with subtle caramel sweetness. Full biscuity palate finishes with a hint of roast dryness and floral hop flavour. 5.0 % ABV / 25 IBU                  12 oz $5.75 / 18 oz $7.75

“Fathom” IPAIPA-pic

Our West Coast-style India Pale Ale screams hop flavour and aroma with an amazing candy-like oily balance. Delicious hop-forward notes of citrus, grapefruit pith and pine meld together as one with malty undertones finishing with a long, lingering draw. A fabulous pairing with all things spicy or cheesy, poultry or fish dishes.

6.9 % ABV / 70 IBUs

“Raisin Hell Stout” Oatmeal Stoutstout-pic

Dark, rich and chocolaty, coffee and cream notes, with a bittersweet finish reminiscent of oatmeal raisin cookies. Aromas of roasted grains, vanilla and cheerios. This Traditional English Stout is brewed with steel cut oats, which provide a full, velvety body.

ABV 5.5% IBUs 35